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Community Corrections Paper CJS/230 June 10, 2012 Community Corrections Paper The ultimate goal of community corrections is to provide safety and protection to the citizens of the community by supervising and providing resources to offenders in custody of community corrections. Community corrections provides a wide range of services and programs to include education assistance, alcohol and drug dependency counseling, employment assistance, and mental health counseling to help reduce the possibility of the offender re-offending. Community corrections are simply defined as a non-prison setting or sanctions imposed on adults or juveniles convicted of crime by a judge or members of a parole board. This paper will identify options available under community corrections and describe how other nations view the use of imprisonment. Community corrections programs are operated under the directions and supervision of parole and probation agencies. These types of community corrections programs include general community supervision, halfway houses, day reporting agencies, work release programs, and residential care facilities. The main goals of the community corrections programs is to providing accountability for ex-convicts, rehabilitation services and programs, and community enforcement to ensure all paroled ex-convicts are adhering to the guidelines outlined in the parole hearing. According to DeMichele, (2008) “Community corrections agencies can promote their public safety and justice mission through a balance of rehabilitative and punitive techniques. Strategies that use both rehabilitative and punitive tools must integrate treatment, surveillance and enforcement. If the community corrections field is going to identify overall organizational goals (e.g., improved public safety), then administrators must locate effective and efficient interventions that are

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