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Community Corrections Paper Community Corrections Paper CJS/230 October, 28th 2011 “Those small relatively inexpensive changes in the right places can do much to increase the likelihood of successful community corrections.” Community Corrections Abstract In this paper, I will be discussing how community correction has an effect on society. I will also give you my hypothesis about community correction and its effectiveness in the criminal justice system. I want to describe prison system in other countries, and also show you how other nations practice imprisonment in their countries. I hope this paper will give you much in insight on Community Corrections. Community Correction also known as probation or parole has a simple meaning it states that it is supervising of misdemeanants and felons who are no longer incarcerated. The American People have a misunderstanding that if a person commits a crime that the courts will just remove them from society and place him or her in a state prison (Foster, Burk 2006). Community Corrections can be very useful to the offenders who are placed on probation in a sense that they are worthy of a second chance to redeem the wrong doings they have done in society. From state to state community corrections will vary, but currently these community based programs are alternatives to prison they are run by the state or county, but the state is who funds the programs. The affect that community corrections have on society comes in a number of ways both positive and negative. One positive effect that it does have is probation cuts down on the cost of housing the offenders in a prison or jail which in the end saves the tax payers hundreds, and thousands of dollars for feeding and housing them in a prison. A negative effect on society is whether the probationer will follow the rules, or if they will

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