Community Centers Essay

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COMMUNITY CENTERS 1 Community Centers Paula Seward Kaplan University COMMUNITY CENTERS 2 What comes to mind when one thinks of community? Perhaps forming an important long-lasting unique bond, where people know each other and lends a hand. The sense of being a part of something great that develops outside of the comfort zone of one’s life, establishments, and communities. The feeling of being included in something is not seen much nowadays. Using all of the technology and information at our fingertips, it brings people together providing a variety of opinions, social connection, and assorted information. It can give well rounded experiences, and a sense of belonging and security that would come from feeling like a member of the community. Children getting into criminal activity or pregnant at an early age, obesity, and unemployment rising, a community center can be beneficial in trying to decrease that in some way. A community center could cover different areas of daily living, job skills/training and parenting, getting everyone actively involved and could be cost effective as well. It would be a place for people of all ages to go instead of going towards criminal activity, homeless, and have health problems. It is more beneficial than the alternative. To see people from young to adult excel into something better than a breaking the law is a positive outcome. The types of community cents would keep people active, children out of trouble and in school, help families be more actively involved in the home, have elderly assistance available, and job skills/training assistance. Communities banding together to become closer and stronger could possibly stop the unnecessary
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