Community-Based Treatments In The Juvenile Justice System

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Corrections and Treatment Tunsghen Anderson CJS/240 05/13/2012 Deanna Beaubouef Corrections and community based treatments in the Juvenile Justice System have a variety of proactive programs and rehabilitative efforts to deter crime. These programs are designed and can help juvenile offenders with modifying their behavioral issues, provide therapy to rehabilitate their mental state of mind, and prevent criminal activity in the long run. Treatment options are divided into two smaller categories: community-based treatment and institutionalization. These two types of treatment programs are specifically designed for juvenile offenders. These treatment programs will help get juvenile offenders back on the right track towards a positive lifestyle. There are various types of community-based treatment options for delinquent youths to utilize. These options would include probation, intense supervision, house arrest and electronic monitoring. While on probation a juvenile offender is under standard supervision of a probation officer. The…show more content…
The goal of this treatment is to keep the juvenile offenders from getting incarcerated, by keeping juvenile offenders under closer surveillance and tighter control; an example would house arrest with electronic monitoring that would allow juveniles on probation to remain in the community with the stipulation that they remain in the home at certain times of the night and or day. Offenders are tracked by random calls, home or workplace visits, or a monitoring device. This way they can be left in the community. This will allow the juvenile offenders to keep their community relationships intact and be allowed to continue their education, it is also important for them to remain in the community if the juvenile offender is put in a secured facility, it could have the opposite effect to their

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