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Community banks are locally owned and operated banking institutions. These community banks have an advantage over huge multi-state and multi-national banks. Since community banks are locally owned and operated, this gives the bank an insight on what could benefit the community when making bank decisions. The ones who make the decisions understand the challenges and financial needs of the local residents and business people who live and work within the community. A community bank builds a relationship with their customers and it begins as they walk in the lobby. Just because community banks are smaller than national banks, does not mean that your money is any less safe in them. The same laws that govern the bigger banks concerning the safety of your money govern small community banks as well. Your money is also insured by the FDIC just like it would if you banked with one of the larger national banks. Small towns benefit from community banks because the banks give back to the community. I am a member of the Colony Bank Jr. Board and it is through this that helped me realize just how much this bank is involved with our community. The Colony Bank in Quitman, Georgia is involved in county school systems as well as local businesses. They gladly sponsor school sports and local organizations. While on the board, we try to influence residents to use what our town, Quitman, has to offer like the restaurants, antique shops and many family owned businesses. Colony Bank’s goal is to keep business within the community. Community banks make a huge impact on small towns such as the one I live in. I have learned a lot while being on the Colony Bank Junior Board. One thing for sure is that the people of my bank live, work, play, and pray in and for our community. I am honored to be on the board for the past two years for Colony

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