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ANNEXTURE1: AN APRETIATIVE SCHEDULE ABOUT AN ORGANISATION USING APRETIATIVE INQUIRY 1. What is your favorite memory of working here? * Is to see our clients taking the initiative to stop using drugs. 2. What makes this NGO a place to work for? * It has got many challenges, is good place because it deals with prevention and treatment of substance abuse 3. What do you like about your job? * I like to manage operational activities and I like to take the lead in giving direction in the organization. 4. Can you tell me about the history of your organization? * It was established in 2002, it was mainly because of the treatment of substance abuse 5. What first attracted you to work hear? * The need to a contribution in assisting clients who have problems with alcohol and drugs, I enjoy people to help themselves. 6. Can you describe the work that your organization does? * It addresses the prevention, treatment and after care services( after rehabilitation) 7. What work are you the most proud of? * I am proud of the management of the personnel as well as training personnel so that they can perform their duties effectively and efficiently. 8. What part of your work do you think that your clients value most? * Counseling and empowerment of clients 9. Which of your skills are called on to use most in your job? * Professional skills as well as my competencies in the execussion of my duties 10. How do you know if you have done a good job? * I get feedback from the clients. 11. Can you tell me about your favorite story? * I referred a fourteen years old girl to SANCA Bloemfontein, she initially reluctant to go there. After the release she came to the office and shared the experiences of the rehabilitation centre. 12. What do you think attracts clients to your organization? * The need to be assisted to stop using drugs it motivates them to come

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