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Community Talk Hi my name is Rebecca Jackson and I'm a sophomore in High School. In school and outside of school I am a member of so many different communities. I'm a member of two different choirs, I play two varsity sports, I'm a member of A 4H and equestrian team, and of course, I'm a member of this retreat team. The list of communities that I am a member of doesn't stop there though, my church is another community that I am an active participant of. God created human beings in his image and we were also created to live in communities among one another. God is the center of so many communities and He is what brings them all together and encourages the bonds and friendships that are made between the members of each community. My teammates and I, of both my tennis and basketball teams, have come together through God. Before each match and game, all of my teammates and I hold hands and pray. I'd find it so strange if I didn't start every tennis match with my team coming together to pray on the court or not starting each basketball game by saying a prayer with everyone in the locker room. God is also a huge piece of my theatre group at school. We begin every show by gathering in the music room and forming a prayer circle and asking for God's blessing and the prayers of all the saints. This past basketball season, one of my teammates got extremely injured in practice. My whole team did everything we could do to help the paramedics get her out of the building and into an ambulance. As soon as we saw the ambulance drive away, we all got together and prayed for her. I also remember last year during tech week of our fall show, one of the teachers' wives had passed away. This teacher was a great supporter of the theatre program and when he came to a rehearsal and told us the news we all felt our hearts go out to him. We all sat in a giant circle on the stage and we

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