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Identification of community resources that may help address health related issues: The focus of our discussion on infection control was to look at ways to improve the therapeutic environment for a patient with Respiratory MRSA on the behavioral health unit. We chose to focus on respiratory MRSA because it is easier to transmit than MRSA of the skin that can be covered. Some community resources we found that may help address the health related issues were looking at the CDC and some frequently asked questions that focused on MRSA and how it is transmitted. For example the site states that there are differences in MRSA obtained out in the community and MRSA obtained while in the hospital. Hospital acquired MRSA can lead to blood infections, pneumonia and more. MRSA is as an increased risk to spread in close environments and the behavioral health unit is just that. The site also explains ways to prevent spread that could be helpful for the staff as well as the patients. Identification of long and short term goals: Long term goals for the behavioral health unit are that in five years sinks are put into the unit out in the open for patients to wash their hands where the staff can watch them to decrease the likelihood that illnesses get spread. Also that the staff keep track of the patients coming onto the unit with respiratory illnesses and plot over the next five to ten years the amount of other patients who come down with an illness during the stay of the originally infected. This way they can track the progress of infection control and implement more measures to stop the spread. A short-term goal for the unit would be that the staff starts to address what occurs when someone has a respiratory illness and how it should be treated while on the unit. Whether the person be transferred to another setting until they are free of the illness or if they are not in the

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