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8-19-2011 Community: More than just a location “You have become something unstoppable.” This was one of the most striking and lingering points that Jeff made during his tirade in regards to society and our community. Although the video was intended to be somewhat comical, the things that Jeff was explaining were actually accurate. Many clichés such as “sharing is caring”, “teamwork makes a dream work” and “it takes a village to raise a child” train us to work as a community from a very young age. However, somehow as years pass by we become more focused on self-advancement rather than working to better the community. If all of society was more willing to truly work together, we could all reach the point of being “something unstoppable” as Jeff described the community that was formed in the video. From a communal standpoint, individuals, community and membership all coexist and are heavily interdependent on each other. This episode of Community is simply a reminder of the common principles that we all learned as young children. Jeff tells the members of the study group to turn to their neighbors and forgive them. He also informs the group of every “awesome” quality that each member possesses. These instructions all trace back to one elementary concept, the golden rule. This mentality of being respectful and courteous is what brings people together. I believe the community is based more on mindset than it is on location. Reason being that when a group of people cannot act cordial towards each other business is seldom conducted efficiently. When Jeff told the group that they had transformed into something unstoppable, he was referring to the power that lies in numbers. The individuals that make up communities are the driving forces that support projects that do great things such as feeding the homeless, clothing the naked and being an emotional safe haven

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