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In our community we have a problem with a large amount of homeless people. They tend to migrate to Florida because of the weather. They stay in my part of town because it is closest to the soup kitchen as well as the shelter. I feel strong that no person deserves to sleep on the street, just as no person deserves to go hungry. I fully support in programs that help people who need it. However after interacting with a lot of these people, and learning about these programs requirements; I believe they are more of a problem then a solution. First of all the majority of these people not only receive government funds, but also pan-handle for large sums of money each day Many of them prostitute, sell drugs, break into homes, commit retail theft. This money is spent on drugs and alcohol. When speaking to these people they say they would rather be on the street getting high then in the shelter where they have to be clean. The large homeless population in my community not only brings down the value of houses in my neighborhood, but makes it not safe. Children cannot walk to school alone. You cannot leave windows open on cool nights. Every time you leave a store you’re hassled for your change. I believe a simple solution to this would be to make vagrancy a misdemeanor. After your third misdemeanor if you have not gotten yourself into a program and tried to clean yourself up it should be a felony. If they do not have any incentive to change their lives, nothing will get better. If people prefer to live in the woods let them go to an uncivilized area and live. But if you want to live where decent folks live, you should live as decent folks

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