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The community where I reside is the most perfect place for me. I absolutely love where I live. Not a lot of people know of the road that I live down, like it doesn’t even exist, but that’s what makes it even more perfect. I live down Lincoln Avenue in New Berlin, Wisconsin. Not many people knowing that the road I live on even exists are just one of the many reasons why I love my community. My one story ranch home lies in the middle of a lot of that nothingness but trees, farms, and flatlands. Lots of people think that I’m absolutely crazy to want to live in the middle of nowhere, but I love my community so much because of all the peace and quietness I get from where I live, I don’t think that I will ever be able to leave! There are about 38,220 people who live in New Berlin. Located on the eastern border of Waukesha County, the City of New Berlin is situated between Madison and Milwaukee. My home lies about in the middle of the city of New Berlin. If you drive about 10 to 15 minutes in each direction, North, South, East, and West, you will eventually end up running into a neighborhood even though it might be a neighborhood from a different city. The small amounts of neighborhoods in my community seem to be very different from each other, mainly because you can tell which neighborhood is wealthy or not. Some have very long front and back yards and some barely have any yard at all. There are a few neighborhoods that have double or even triple numbers amount of houses in it than other neighborhoods. The surrounding land to the right and left of my home has two small houses with one to three acres of property of just flat land grass or some patches of deep wooded area. The area behind my house is inhabited by dirty, dark, muggy, woods, and lots and lots of corn stalks that seem to stretch as tall as the sky. The area of land in-front of my home is made up of about

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