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The Community Frees the Individual When speaking of creating the perfect society, Aristotle said that the highest good can be done only when good individuals form a society. When bound to a community, people are free to do the things that they want to, because they have society to rely on. Within society, people have the time to create art, technology, and books. Without society, humans would devote their lives to simply surviving, and only when people come together can life be made easier. None of the perceived success of the individual would be possible without the opportunities that the community provides. The individual creates success through their actions, but the community is absolutely necessary because it offers those opportunities to the individual. Although some may say that the individual is the most free on his own, the individual is most free within a community because the community provides opportunities to pursue any life that the individual wants because the community provides economic production and freedom from the fear of death. Within a community, groups of individuals can enjoy a life in which natural rights are protected. Hobbes says that in the state of nature, man has natural rights, but they are compromised by others who are bigger and stronger. In the state of nature, there is no true freedom because the individual fears a violent death. To assuage this fear, individuals form a community and appoint a king or ruler and the responsibility of the protection of the natural rights falls on the king. This means that the individual has a freedom from fear in the community that he would not enjoy alone. Certain people may argue that natural liberty is the highest form of freedom, and that the community kills the natural freedom through law and enforcement. In this way, the individual is the most free on their own because they have the

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