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Community-based Nursing Final Test 1 and 2 Characteristics of community-based nursing. Refers to the application of nursing process in caring for individuals, families, and groups where they live, work, and go to school or as they move through the health care system. - BSN - Wages and salaries usually lower for RNs in community-based practice The basics of client teaching Health education is to assist individuals, families and groups and communities to achieve optimum health by providing information regarding health risks tools motivation, and support needed to produce a change in behavior that will reduce these risks. Defined as “relatively perm ant change in mental processing, emotional functioning and/or behavior as a result of experience.” Individuals learn by interacting with their environment and by incorporating new information with past experiences or current knowledge. Definitions, examples of teaching goals and objectives 1) an outline of the content to be covered in a teaching event 2) teaching strategies that will be employed Objectives – are specific and can be Asses in the short term Goal – is the destination, SMART: S – specific M – measurable A – achievable R – related to the goal T –Time limited. Community based employment activates for nurses Learning styles Visual – remember details of what they see Auditory – remember details of what they hear Tactile – remember details of what they feel or palpate Health screenings: Detecting health risks or problems by means of history, examinination, and other procedures. (not meant to diagnosis) Evaluation of the measurement of health education Healthy People 2010 The national prevention initiative of the U.S. department of Health and Human Services. Goals: 1) Increase quality and years of healthy life 2)

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