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“What’s Hot”, “What’s In” What is considering being “Hot” or “Not”? Who determined this? In today’s world this can be defined by social groups, cultural influences, parents, social media and even the fashion industry. There is a wide variety of lifestyle magazines which promotes what to wear, how to dress, how to lose weight, how you should look and the lists goes on. While analyzing the “People” magazine, the headlines consist of “What’s in for the summer,” “Summer new hot colors,” “The perfect tan,” “Wardrobe for the summer” and “Summer make up tips”. The idea they are trying to communicate to you, is that, it’s summer you need to change your to look, to go with what's “In.” The makeup you have been using for the longest can’t be worn for the summer; you need to lose weight for the summer to wear your swim wear. To get your attention even more they include celebrities on the cover. On the June issue of “People” Magazine, Jessica Alba was on the cover, being interviewed on what are the new summer looks. The magazine was focused on how to look and what to wear for the summer. The content of the magazine consist of “20 beauty quick fixes,” “Jeans of the month,” “276 hot summer looks,” “ Fun beauty ideas,” “Beach styles looks” just to name a few. Even the ads in the magazine had celebrities promoting them. The Kardashians were advertising the summer color nail polish, Rihanna the outfits and shoes, Jennifer Hudson Weight Watcher, Miley Cyrus swimwear and Molly Sims makeup, all famous people. By doing this, this magazine targets teenagers and women who adore these celebrities. Then there is the swim wear section, where the models used are all showcasing two piece swim wear. These appeal to a small, slender built person. This gives the idea that you have to have a body size like the model to wear a two piece bathing suit. A person like me would feel insecure to

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