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Purpose of Community Assessment The purpose of community assessment is the identification of needs of aboriginal people in Toronto, creating foundation for planning and action in the future. The community assessment will help a better understanding of facts that affect the health of individuals as well as the whole community itself; will increase knowledge and understanding about the determinants of aboriginal people health and wellness with long term goal to help First Nation people to stay healthy and live longer. According to Stamler &Yiu, 2005 “the community health nurse must investigate the nature of needs, determine if expressed needs represent the opinions of the community, and determine if the community is willing and has the resources to take action” (p.156). As pointed by Stamler &Yiu, 2005 the community health nurse should identify the community’s strengths, all available resources including hidden; the nurse must explore the ways for community capacity building. Target group Target group of the project is the Community of First Nation People living in Toronto. Many health problems of First Nation Community are result of European contact and policies of systematic suppression of their spiritual practices, social organization, governance, and economic activities. They suffer effect of infectious diseases contacted from immigrants; many losses ranging from decrease community sizes to a strong sense of collective and personal loss. The suppression of the traditions and values, gender role changes, identity crises have had great impact on health of aboriginal people. It is of outmost importance to assess and support the aboriginal community development growth. Community nurses must facilitate “determination of First Nation in obtaining community control and adequate resources to design health social and political system that are of their choosing and

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