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Community Colleges are located in local counties to provide education for their local people. These colleges provides affordable education to everyone so they can have an equal opportunity as those who can afford to attend an university. Community Colleges are less crowded, less frightening, reasonable expenses and also has simple requirements. These are just a few different reasons why attending Community Colleges are different than an university. Tuition is one of the main reasons why more people attend Community Colleges. People receive the same opportunity for a much smaller price as those who attend an university. Community Colleges give hope to those who thought they would never be able to afford college. The chances that they give people are higher than the one’s are given at an university. The price is nowhere near the same price down to the books are lower than what a student may see at an university. Community Colleges can be less frightening to the upcoming freshman from high school. Many students are home schooled, private schooled or even in attendance at a public school. These campuses provides away for them all to have better social skills and even a chance at better grades. Most campuses have more student and teacher interaction. Many teachers at a smaller school care about the students future and will help them meet their goals to better their lives. Simple admission requirements help provide an equal opportunity for everyone to receive an education. Most community colleges require a high school diploma or a GED. Which helps everyone to have a great future even for those ones who dropped out and never thought they would be able to receive an education at a low cost. Placement test is provided to help place a student in their correct courses based in their knowledge rather than at a university they place some students in classes rather they

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