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One of the many discourse communities that I have become apart of would be joining a competitive basketball team. Becoming part of this community would require you to try out for the team, normally kids or adults are just really good athletes and that is what it take to be on a good and competitive basketball team. In order for you to stay on the team you have to show up to most of the practices and be ready to work hard. Maintaining a passing GPA is also needed. Usually the coach would have a playbook for the team to study and that is how we communicate throughout the season. Any coaches goal for the team is to get them into the playoffs, possibly winning a championship which would be the ultimate goal for any team out there. Throughout the season we communicate through oral visual and written, the coach will draw out plays on the board for us to learn and then during practice he shows us how he wants it to be done. Another discourse community I am part of is being a college student. During your last year of high school you will apply to all these different schools that you may want to go to and once you decide which school you’re going to go to, you have to attend new student orientation and then pay tuition to become a student or member of that community. I believe you need a 2.0 GPA to continue being part of the community and if not, then you will be placed on academic suspension. To remain part of this group, it will take countless nights of nothing but homework and studying. The language all depends on what type of classes you are taking for example, if you are taking English courses then the writing would include book reports and essays. I would say that the topic is what is what type of grades you are getting and that is based off of how well you are doing in school. My goal is not to only graduate from college but be one of the best and most successful

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