Communist Prison Camp

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. Communist Prison Camp 1. What specific techniques were used to bring about the destruction of self-awareness among the prisoners? In the Communist prison their methods of breaking down prisoners was through deliberate humiliation and degradation on a daily basis. Specifically self awareness was destroyed by forcing the least reformed prisoner to be tied up and left to depend on the other inmates to help them perform normal daily human functions. That type of social alienation would make the most hardened criminal loose self-respect. This was their way of making him learn the “truth” about himself and to confess. 4. What mechanisms do people use, and mechanisms could prisoners of war have used, to resist a change in their self-concepts? The concepts of emotional intelligence, self-awareness and the ability to create emotional control could/can help people resist change in their self-concepts. The text speaks about the four regencies to emotional intelligence: 1. the ability to diagnose and recognize your own emotions, 2. the ability to control your own emotions, 3. the ability to recognize and diagnose the emotions displayed by others, 4. the ability to respond appropriately to those emotional cues. These ideal steps would help prisoners of war change their self-concept by visualizing the real reality of who they are and the actions of other inmates or guards towards them. This analysis of these four concepts will deter a prisoner from losing their self-worth and retain self-awareness. . Diagnosing managerial Characteristics  Emotional Intelligence – Emotional intelligence is expressed as someone who is able to monitor not only his/her feeling and actions but also the people around them. Gordon Bethune a high school drop put turn CEO ranks highest in emotional intelligence, his ability to motivate people and build trusting networks has
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