Communism Vs. Socialism

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Communism vs. Socialism Communism and Socialism both started out as “Industrial Revolution Ideas” that turned into political views. In society many people believe it’s the same idea, but it’s not they are very different. It’s a revolution, no more private property, equality, but both in there ways. Socialism revolves by the fact that the government is a representation of the people, and big companies are public, so directly the company is owned by the government. Socialism can be credited to many people, but one of the most important ones is Robert Owen. Owen was a factory owner which he had a factory in Britan which he wanted to develop it into a “Utopian Town”, later on Owen moves to Indiana and opens one there called “New Harmony” to start from scratch. Owens ideas said that man is born, but remain good for his experiences. When Owen opened up “New Harmony” he had many issues of how to run the factory. Eventually Owens returned to Great Britan and supported to unite all labor unions. Owens created the beginning of Public Companies, which are run by the government, such as Health Care and Mass Transportation, but there is private property that is what you own is yours no one else’s. Like Socialism, Communism is an idea that revolves around the fact the government is a representation of the people; but unlike Socialism not only are the big companies public, everything is. In Communism there is no private property everything is run by the government and what you get is determined by them. It all started with a person named Karl Marx. Karl Marx is a German philosopher that believed that every one should be equal causing the “Proletarian Revolution”. Marx proposed that all workers should unite and rebel against the government and that they should become the government. Marx also talks about the class conflicts and how the class system does not work and that
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