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I think U.S is fear of communism in 1950s is because of a lot of reasons. Well few years back in the U.S which was on September 11th terrorist attacks in 2001, the US fight against radical Islamic terror has been at the forefront of American foreign policy. In a related way, several events in the 1950s required that anti-Communism be one of the fundamental aspects of American foreign policy. Occasionally, as in the case of the McCarthy trials, anti-Communism influenced domestic policy as well. Furthermore, Americans had a legitimate right to fear Communist aggression as a look at the events of the Cold War will demonstrate. Fear of communism was not at all unique to America. In fact, popular fear of a communist revolution was one of the chief reasons why Hitler was able to come to power in Germany. During World War II, however, it became clear to America and its allies in Western Europe that Nazism was an ever bigger throughout to the security of Europe and the rest of the world than was Communism. Eventually, this led the United States to enter into an uneasy alliance with the Communist government of the Soviet Union. Their mutual struggle against Nazism necessitated forced these two unlikely allies to cooperate. Given the pragmatic nature of the alliance, it is unsurprising that it fell apart even before the war was over. The Soviet Union at that time was an aggressively expansionistic power and as the Red Army drove the Germans out of the USSR and all the way back to Berlin, the Soviets conquered most of Eastern Europe. They installed puppet communist governments in countries throughout Eastern Europe, including half of Germany itself. The Americans and Western Allies, for their part, feared that the Soviets would continue to expand, perhaps into Western Europe itself. As the only major power not devastated by the Second World War, the United States became the

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