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Communism, first of all, is an economic system in which all means of production such as land and natural resources are owned by the entire community, and used for the good of all the members. The motive behind a system like this is that it prevents a person or a group of people from becoming rich, while others are extremely poor. It sounds like a brilliant solution to poverty and the like right? Since everything is shared out equally and all but you know what? It’s not. There have always been those communists who are more equal than others. That just totally destroys the concept of communism since it mainly concerned with equality and fairness. Tell me honestly, if we did turn to Communism, do you really think that those wealthy and influential families here in the Philippines would give up their hard-earned money so easily just so that the poor can become rich or at least attain to the level of a middle class person? I think not. I know it sound selfish but I’m being realistic here. That’s life. Communism is so equal that’s it’s unfair. Yes, there’s equality for the whole community but the thing is that there’s no incentive to work hard because you don’t get paid on how well you work, you get paid the same amount all the time. The idea that everyone is equal regardless of work ethic reduces not only AMBITION but also INNOVATION and it is said that nations who have turned to Communism, have seen a significant decrease in advances in technology and in other areas since it does not net you any physical award. A communist’s government decides what the people can have, rather than what they want. If you compare Democracy and Communism you can see that they’re the complete opposite. In a Democratic environment, free trade is encouraged and the people are allowed to make their own decisions. The harder they work, the more successful they

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