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Communique: Date: 01 April 2014 Receive a revolutionary greetings in the year of advancing economic freedom in our life time through nationalization of all the natural resources. Be informed that the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) as a recognized primary stakeholder of the University of Johannesburg (UJ), is contesting for the Student Representative Council (SRC) elections for the 2014/2015 term. We pride ourselves in our Cosmopolitan identity, a melting pot of all stereotypes. Despite this proud identity, our daily struggles as students often include not getting through the day without being confronted with the harsh racist undertones of our society. The EFF yearn to experience the UJ that is depicted in our handbooks and policy documents. However, we believe that UJ will only be realized with respectful and responsible advocacy by student representatives who are able to speak truth to power, engage honestly, and tackle issues fearlessly and directly. The EFF also believe that UJ will only become a reality if we all respect the right to believe differently, speak independently but ultimately acting responsibly and respectfully. We are hopeful of that UJ that is truly democratic in terms of its decision making processes, is non-sexist, is the home to respected African leadership is an option for the working class families and a hub for academic excellence because the EFF is prepared to advocate for it. AS EFF WE ARE ADVOCATING FOR THE FOLLOWING PRACTICAL AND IMPLEMENTABLE COMMITMENTS AND PROGRAMME OF ACTION WHICH WILL LEAD TO THE FREE QUALITY EDUCATION TOWARDS A SOCIALIST DEMOCRACY AND A CONDUCIVE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT FOR ALL UNIVERSITY OF JOHANNESBURG STUDENTS: * The installation of ATMs (All banks). * Academic appeals committee to assist the academically excluded students with registration and other important things affecting students as a whole. *
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