Communictions With Parents Essay

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How to begin and maintain positive communications with parents Good communication between teachers and parents doesn't just happen. It requires special skills on our part — skills such as good listening techniques, tact, kindness, consideration, empathy, enthusiasm, and an understanding of parent-child relationships. I want to begin with a brief share of my own practice at the Childcare were I currently work. Teachers must believe that parents have a crucial role in their children's education, and parents and teachers must trust each other. Parents want to know who I am, how do I look like, and what my background is. Hence, I make my first communication with parents concise and direct. I always think and plan what I am going to say to them, and how. As a rule # 1 for me never be confrontational is imperative. I always speak in a pleasant voice, yet with firmness and authority when needed. I introduce myself, providing them with information about my educational background and work experience, also I provide them with the ways they can contact me (i.e., phone number, email address) for any reason at any time, and I do my best to convey an overall positive attitude regarding the new coming school year. I encourage the parents to attend to all parent/teacher meetings, providing them with a detailed schedule (i.e., date and time) for those meetings. Parent/teacher meetings is a great tool that gives me the opportunity to demonstrate the excitement about my job and class while helping parents get a feel for the environment that their kids spend so much time in. After the parent/teacher meeting I always give the parent a refrigerator magnetic card with my contact information so they can have handy to get in touch with me when questions arise. To me, no matter how we interact with parent; through meetings, telephone conversations, e-mail, written notes or reports,

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