Communictaion Essay

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Flourishing Communicator Voices across the room as you can hear the mumbling. You focus and try to understand the sensations but can’t quite put it into perception from the low sound waves following through your ear. People use words for everything to get their point across or just to have a simple conversation. I am a competence communicator in my everyday living. My main characteristics for being a competence communicator are culturally sensitive, ethical, and cognitive complexity. I am always mindful to people and listen to what they have to say. Ever since I could walk I’ve always been culturally sensitive. My mind is open to all different views and opinion based on their culture or religion. I am a Cuban and I’ve always been told to respect people know matter what color they are. My friend Zu is a friend of mine that the family is Buddhist monks and they take their culture very serious. I had to always participate in their culture activities if I was over there. I perform every task skillfully and mindfully to be the best competence communicator as I can be. Ethical is a big part in our society that some people take for granite and need to learn how to become helpful. Baby’s surrounding my living rooms as the babies are playing with their toys. Playing to the right of me was my friend Albert. Albert was a quiet and shy baby who never showed emotion around anyone. I crawled over to Albert knowing that he wanted to play with someone so, I did. He had the biggest smile on and started playing with his toys with me for hours until it was time to go home. Being ethical and making the right decision is what you always want to take in consideration while being a competence communicator. Being ethical to people brings happiness in their world and it makes you feel good that you help someone when they needed someone most. A lot of the little things can bring joy to a

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