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Communication Paper HCS/490 February 2012 Professor: Communication Essay My purpose of this essay is to provide a plethora of details in reference to communication modes within the health care industry. There are a number of communication modes used by the health care industry that all professionals and patients use in order to relay information and or communicate with one another. Professionals within the health care field need to use these modes of communication within a certain manner in order to ensure that patient information is being handled according to HIPAA standards and regulations. Within this essay information will be provided that will depict the how health care professionals process computer-based healthcare data, how this type of communication is used in order to house patients’ medical information. This form of communication has changed over the years. Many electronic forms of communication such as email, EMR’s and PHR’s have become more common place within the health care industry than ever before. Paper based patient medical records are becoming a thing of the past. This form of record keeping has been steadily replaced more and more over the years by EMR’s and PHR’s. Electronic modes of communication are slowly phasing out paper based communications and record keeping all together. Paperless medical information system such as EMR’s and PHR’s are quickly turning into the main source of electronic health information system of the patients. If there is no medical information system set in place within an organization, any other new technologies such as decision support systems may create a problem when the organization tries to incorporate them into the regular health care operation. One major aspect of implementing an electronic system such as an EMR system would be its effectiveness. Time and

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