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Communications Study Guide Essay

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What is Culture?
A way of life developed and shared by a group of people that is passed down from generation to generation.

Culture Characteristics
  * Created through interactions
  * Evolve (not static)
  * Not part of biology
  * Vary on the dimension of chronemics

Mainstream Culture
basic culture that enables all of us to co-exist within a larger, single society
In diverse societies is has:
  * The most common language
  * Basic social institutions
  * Material artifacts/technology in use
  * Values to which most people subscribe

A group within a larger culture that share a specialized language system, values, a collective worldview, and a common communication pattern

Five Dimensions Along Which ALL Cultures Vary
  * Individualism/collectivism
  * High/Low Context
  * Power Distance (High/low)
  * Masculinity/Femininity
  * Uncertainty Avoidance

Individualism vs. Collectivism
  * Individual goals emphasized
  * Self-reliance (competition between individuals)
  * “I” identity
  * Speaking your mind
  * Direct and precise communication
  * Emphasizes group goals
  * Competition between groups (not individuals)
  * “We” identity
  * Avoid confrontation within group
  * Indirect and imprecise communication

High vs. Low Context Cultures
High Context:
  * Focus on nonverbal
  * Use contextual cues to interpret meaning
  * Indirectness (speak less and listen more)
  * Linked with collectivistic cultures
                  *China, Japan, South Korea*
Low Context:
  * Not as much emphasis on nonverbal cues
  * Direct and explicit communication
  * Linked with individualistic cultures
                  *Germany, Switzerland, U.S.*

High vs. Low Power Distance
High Power Distance:
  * Value place on social status, birth order, occupation, political rankings, etc.
  * Less access to direct communication with individuals of higher...

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