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Week 4 – Communication Paper Laurie Thompson HSC490 October 29, 2012 Jennifer Pharr Communication Paper There has been a transformation in the medical world regarding moving patients’ records from paper to electronic. Besides being more efficient, the electronic medical record (EMR) has the potential to save organizations money. There are benefits and challenges to both consumers and providers. Knowledge and research can improve the use of this communication modality and pave the way to a more efficient practice. According to Crane & Crane, medical errors are not typically the result of negligent and/or incompetent health care physicians, 2008. Instead, experts contend that medical errors are a direct result in how health care is delivered and how health systems are organized (Crane & Crane, 2008). It is not uncommon for a patient’s medical information to be scattered across numerous medical records kept by many different physicians in different locations. Because of this, maintaining patient confidentiality can be compromised. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was created to improve the portability, continuity and the administration of health insurance coverage while also combating fraud and abuse in the health care system (Richards, 2009). It is extremely important to safeguard patient information within the EMR. Under the Privacy Rule, patients can release their information to other physicians that may be involved with their care. This act is important because privacy is the right of an individual to control who discloses their medical information. Confidentiality should also be safeguarded because it is an understanding that their medical information will only be disclosed to authorized users. Patient data is sensitive and requires special treatment when being utilized. The EMR is an

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