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Communications Paper Mode of Communication Web-based modality is a mode of communication that some health care organizations have taken into use via provider and patient. The providers want efficient and fast systems that will meet HIPAA requirements. Patients want an easy to understand and accurate information. This allows patients to feel confident and informed that their personal health information (PHI) is being handled properly and confidential. With web-based forums this allows efficient and fast responses via provider and patient and allows secure and accurate information for the end user/patient. To handle the complexity, health care facilities, educational organizations, and regulatory bodies are using sophisticated information technology (IT) systems (“Creating eppiccNURSE: A Web-Based System for Better Communication and Enhanced Regulatory Compliance,” 2011).. Patient Benefits One benefit to the patient when it comes to web-based forums if that it limits any type of paper trail that can lead to lost or stolen personal health information. Paper communication is an old school way of sending information to patients, which many health care organizations now are using and upgrading to electronic transmissions now whether it is a web-based forum, emails, etc. With the web-based forum, this benefit allows patients to stay home or at work and access their health care information via the internet within a secure web site and review their treatments, follow ups, and medications. This is most definitely and advantage for individuals who have a chronic diseases, limited transportation, and more to be able to review their health care plans via the web based forum, and ask any questions need, rather than paper documentation where the patient would have to call the office and wait for an answer. Patient Confidentiality and Value with a Web-based

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