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Communications In Social Work Essay

  • Submitted by: narindekaur
  • on October 25, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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“Communication is to relationships what breathing is to life”.
Discuss in relation to the social work task within the current social – political climate.
Discussing such a statement in relation to the social work task needs a deeper understanding of the actual saying before dwelling deeper into the concept. I will attempt to talk about the statement in the light of social work task, and will aim to maintain the discussion with the social-political climate. I will then conclude by analysing how the statement may be true or false, and will attempt to explain if the statement is relevant with accordance to the current social political climate in the social work task.
We must firstly define what is being mentioned in the statement. ‘Communication: the giving or exchange of information through a variety of media’ (Dictionary of Social work 2002). Human beings communicate all the time in all different ways, which include verbal and non-verbal forms. These communications are both intentional and also done subconsciously. In fact, Waltzawick et al - cited by Koprowska (2005: 6) claim that ‘one cannot not communicate’. Our interactions with others inevitably entail communication, a large proportion of which are done non-verbally, through body language, posture, facial expressions etc, as well as language, tone and pitch of voice and so on. Our reactions and behaviour also give out messages, hence, are forms of communicating. To understand the meaning of what is being communicated, what messages are being sent/received and having effective communication skills are integral to social work practice. Trevithick (2005) states ‘I do not believe that it is possible to be an effective practitioner without being an effective communicator’ (p: 8).
Once we have established that, we must understand the similarity and analogy being used. The statement boldly compares two things which in actually nature may have nothing in common. The two descriptions which are being compared are...

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