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Dr. Men Research Comm. 5 February 2013 Mini-Research Project II: In-Depth Review The topic I chose for my interview was love. The 5 pictures my interviewee chose were of Adam and Eve, her and her mother, her friends, a businesswoman, and a picture of a nice car. She then explained these pictures to me. From her explanations, I could tell that she places a heavy emphasis on unconditional love in her life.Three out of the five pictures (Adam & Eve, her mother, and her friends) she described as “unconditional, ultimate love.” She said that these kinds of love could never be broken, and that without this eternal love people wouldn’t be able to function. I also learned that she feels that the deepest of these 3 pictures was the one of her and her mother. She said that the bond that a parent has with their child is the most unconditional love, right under the love that God has for all of his children. I did not take her to be a very religious person so this statement really enlightened me. She went on to explain that Adam can leave Eve, friends always come and go – but the bond that a parent and child has is connected by blood and could never be broken. This really hit home to me. The last two pictures were worldlier for her, whereas the first three were more personal. She described the photo of the businesswoman as having a ‘love for greatness.” She then went on to say that we all as humans have this strive to be great and perfect in our lives, and that it should be rooted in every human being. She also stated the negative affect of this greatness, of which I found very interesting. She said that sometimes this love we have for achievement could outweigh the things that we should have eternal love for. She said that she struggles with this very idea on a daily basis, which was shocking to me because she didn’t seen like the type of person that would deal with a

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