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Communications 100 Chapter 5 and 6 As I have learned communication is a vital and resourceful tool in our lives that allows us to communicate with each other and it’s also resourceful because it’s another way where we can identify ourselves as individuals. Chapter 5 and chapter 6 speak of identity and interpersonal relationships. Both chapters put emphasis on how communication varies down to the way identify each other through communication. After reading chapter 5 , I notice how through communication an individual identity can be revealed in multiple ways. As it states, “ When you reveal your identity, you often use stories to tell the audience something about yourself and help them shape their sense of who you are. As with self-disclosure, so too with stories. They are influenced by both society/culture and the specific person or audience to whom you do the telling (p.127)”. I found this very interesting because if an individual tells his or her whole life story and its turns out to be a lie how can someone actually grasp that person true identity when it was all a lie? The authors do make a valid point to some extent when speaking of identity in general cases. But there are some situations that may throw off the theory of narrative self. I believe that some people often tend to over exaggerate where he or she comes from just to make himself or herself look good, Or Even put on this façade which will make there lives seem more appealing to others. So that being said, I believe that people have the opportunity to create their own identities. In chapter 6, speaks of talk and interpersonal relationships that we have with one another. What I found interesting about this chapter is when the authors states that, “ Your everyday communications reinforces both your relationship and what you know as well as makes you rely on the opinions of people you

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