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Communication with Individuals Essay

  • Submitted by: anca67
  • on February 2, 2015
  • Category: Social Issues
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1. Explain the importance of meeting an individual's communication needs.
Individuals who have communication problems need support to enable them to express themselves effectively. It is therefore important for me as a carer to be aware of the individuals preferred method of communication and also to support the individual to use their preferred method. Individuals have the right to communicate through their chosen method and their choice should be acknowledged and respected by supporting them. The individuals righst are particularly important when using specific communication methods and language because it’s their major way of communicating their needs and preferences. Communication is a basic human right. Without communication the individual is unable to realise or exercise their rights. Under the Human Rights Act 1998 all individuals have the right to freedom of expression. If unable to communicate they would be denied these rights. If an individual's communication needs are not met then all aspects of their daily life can be affected such as not being able to communicate me are well and get help. This could be more severe in the case of abuse whereby the individual can’t communicate effectively to alert others if they are being abused and can be vulnerable to abuse. The result could also put others in dangers for example if a person's communication needs were not met and they discovered a fire they would not be able to report it quickly which would put others in danger.

Explain how own role and practice can impact on communication with an individual who has specific communication needs.
As a carer it is my role and responsibility to support individuals to express themselves. The way in which I can do this is by assessing their needs, access information regarding their communication needs, providing the appropriate support, aids or equipment, encouraging and motivating communication, working with others and by monitoring the effectiveness of that support....

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