Communication Theory Matrix

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University of Phoenix Material Group Communication Theories Matrix Communication Theories Matrix Instructions: Complete the following matrix by filling in the box for each of the five communication theories with the following four items: the theory definition, the main principles of the theory, a real-world theory example, and an application of each theory to virtual communication. | |Theory definition |Main principles of the theory |Real-world theory example |Application of each theory to | | | | | |virtual communication | |Social Exchange Theory |Social exchange theory is a social|A. Rewards- Pleasurable outcomes |A rookie NFL football player |When I think of virtual | | |psychological and sociological | |thinks that the benefits of |communication for social exchange | | |perspective that explains social |B. Costs- Mental Effort, Anxiety |signing with an independent agent |theory I think of social media as | | |change and stability as a process |or Embarrassment |would outweigh the costs of |far as facebook, twitter, and ect. | | |of negotiated exchanges between | |signing with a big firm. He |People use these sites most of the | | |parties. |C. Profits- Equals rewards - The |thought that the personal |time for pleasurable outcomes | | | |Cost |attention he would get would
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