My Name Is Khan Communication Theory Essay

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There are many great films in which the principles of Communication Theory can be identified and studied. It is my personal opinion that My Name Is Khan is one of the most insightful and meaningful films in which to do this. I feel that all of the theories that we have studied is showed through and portrayed in this film and has helped us to understand the never ending process of communication. My Name Is Khan is a likeable and neatly constructed Bollywood tale of understanding and tolerance. It has many vital communication theory elements which can be examined. Firstly, is with regards to Uncertainty Reduction Theory. In this theory it states that when stranger’s meet, their primary focus is on reducing their level of uncertainty because…show more content…
It is an experience of dissonance- incompatible beliefs and actions or two incompatible beliefs-is unpleasant and people are highly motivated to avoid it. When Rizvan saw Mandira wearing a yellow jacket, he was immediately disturbed with the presence of the colour of yellow. He has this unpleasant and uncomfortable feeling when he sees the colour and this made him run away from Mandira. In the efforts to avoid feelings of dissonance, Mandira willingly took off her yellow jacket which she was wearing so that Rizvan will not feel disturbed by it. This shows that in order to overcome dissonance, parties involve must have a high level of tolerance and understanding. Another theory that can be highly associated with this movie is Social Penetration Theory. It states that in an interpersonal relationship it vastly evolves in some gradual and predictable fashion. It is believed that self- disclosure is the primary way that superficial relationships progress to intimate relationships. Self- disclosure is more towards sharing personal beliefs and thoughts or even past events that may help in strengthening a relationship. At the beginning of the relationship between Rizwan and Mandira, they were non- intimate partners solely due to the reason that they were communicating more towards general
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