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Theory Lauren Seki April 13, 2011 Professor Hurst Communication 100 To love is nothing, to be loved is something, to love and be loved is everything. Most people believe that the reason to live is to love, or in other words love is the most important thing to live for and some people may spend a lifetime looking for love. People look in all different places to try to find “the one,” the person who can complete them, in a hope that one day they will get married, have children, and start a family of their own. An explanation of how this might happen is called the uncertainty reduction theory and it was developed to explain communication and initial interactions. The way you first interact with someone is very important, and it can also be known as the first impression. The first impression is important to a lot of people because it can have an influence on whether people have the desire to interact with the other person in the future. In this essay I will discuss that the uncertainty reduction theory is important because reducing uncertainty in another person may lead to positive feelings and a desire for future interactions. Charles Berger and his colleagues developed the uncertainty reduction theory to argue that individuals try to reduce uncertainty, and how this can explain initial interactions. Reducing uncertainty when meeting people can help a person get to know someone better, thereby giving people a chance to start new relationships. Berger isolates two distinct types of uncertainty that are present in the initial interaction with strangers. First is predictive uncertainty, which is defined as the “uncertainty individuals have about predicting others’ attitudes, feelings, beliefs, values, and behavior” (Gudykunst 68). The second type of uncertainty is explanatory uncertainty, “the uncertainty individuals have about explanations of others’ attitudes,

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