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Communication Theory Essay

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  • on March 4, 2008
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Shannon-Weaver Model

The word communication comes from the word “common” which means   exchange, send along, transmit and talk. Communication itself is the process of sharing information1. As a human being and social creatures, we need to communicate with others. By communicating, we share our ideas, what’s in our mind, and the other information that we have. It is a need for us to communicate with the others so communication cannot be avoided in our daily life. Communication can only occur if there is a sender and receiver. There are many ways of communicating. In this project I would like to explain the Shannon-Weaver model.
The Shannon-Weaver model was created by Claude Shannon and Warren Weaver. In 1948 Claude Shannon who worked at the Bell Telephone Company in America made a communication model. He was concerned about the transmission of speech across a telephone line. In 1949 Warren Weaver was published a book about an introduction to the model. The Shannon-Weaver model then applied as:
                        Message                                 signal           signal                         message

1Terry Mohan and Helen McGregor, Communicating! Theory and Practice. Printed by McPherson Printing Group, Melbourne. 5
The Shannon-Weaver model consisted of six elements:
1) Information source
Information source is someone who makes decision to communicate.
The source usually has purpose to inform, to persuade or to entertain.
2) Message
Message means the idea that we want to share to the receiver.
Messages may be written, spoken, non verbal, graphic, visual.
3) Transmitter
Transmitter is a medium that’s used channel to transfer the messages into signal. Transmitter sometimes called as encoder.
4) Channel
Channel is a medium for messages to travel over for example air.
5) Decoder
Decoder is a medium to transfer the signal into messages.
6) Receiver...

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