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Communication Theory Paper Your name Axia College of University of Phoenix Communication Theory Paper Hospice is an organization that one must use effective communication as a crucial facet in connection with patients and their care. In the role of health care surroundings, an organization selected to hospice care could meet some opposition when dealing with communication due to gender dissimilarities, cultural differentiations, and in some cases, the failure to communicate successfully with those acquiring assistance. State of affairs such as these can impinge on how particular duties are accomplished within the organization, whether one will want to keep on utilizing the services of hospice, and if staff, patients, and relatives can interrelate with each other. Thus, to recognize some of the issues opposing this kind of organization in harmony with communication; we will talk about how cultural and gender dissimilarities have an effect on communication inside the Legacy Hospice when dealing with it caregivers, staff, family members, patients, supervisors, and changes for the better. Gender Differences Females When employed in an association devoted to hospice care, nearly everyone comes across both male and female workers who are committed to caring for the patients as well as their safety and care however; there will always be occurrences when dealing with different methods of communication. The Legacy Hospice is no different; it has been noted that the female workers, compared to the male workers have a tendency to be better communicators when interrelating to family members, patients, other staff members, and managers. This comes about due to the fact that females seem to be more nonverbally expressive, converse more, connect better in partnerships, and disclose more personal information than that of men (Axia, 2007). In this particular

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