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Communication Theories Paper Cameron Morse COM/310 April 15, 2013 Deborah Vaughn Abstract Coordinated Management of Meaning, Uncertainty Reduction, and Social Penetration are three communication theories that have been used quite prevalently in my life. Whether it be chance encounters, romantic relationships, or a visit to the optometrist, these theories are a huge part of my life, whether I realize they are happening or not. Each theory plays an essential part in finding whether my communication is effective, could have been more effective, or how it might change in the future. The scenario's with which each theory was used in my life paints a clear picture of how they are defined. Communication Theories Paper Coordinated Management of Meaning is a theory developed by Barnett Pearce and Vernon Cronen that states people often communicate on the basis of rules. These same rules help us not only with our communication with others, but also in our interpretation of what others are communicating to us (West & Turner, 2010, p. 93). Essentially, Coordinated Management of Meaning refers to how individuals establish rules for creating and interpreting meaning and how those rules are enmeshed in a conversation where meaning is being constantly coordinated (West & Turner, 2010, p. 93). Coordinated Management of Meaning is a theory I often use in my life without knowing. I can think of a number of communication events where the fundamental basis of the theory was used. For purposes of time and consideration I will merely talk about a recent event that took place at the optometrist. A visit to the optometrist is generally something I look forward to. I have pretty terrible vision so I enjoy finding whether it has further deteriorated, or stayed the same. On this day, a new optometrist was in to do my exam because my usual was on vacation. I

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