Communication Technology Essay

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The greatest need of all human is, perhaps , the need for communication. The technology of communication has undergone rapid development since the days when pigeons are used as messengers. The advancement of telecommunication technology has brought about impacts to the society, both positive and negative impacts. Technology, without a doubt, has created a world without no boundaries. With all the modern gizmos, communication is easier, faster and cheaper. Just a press of button could connect a Malaysian to an Italian. Communication is faster in the sense that the information sent are received at a relatively short time. We no longer have to wait for months to receive news from relatives living abroad for now everyone is just an e-mail away. Communicating nowadays is also cheap due to all the attractive, plans and means which would readily cater to our needs. The positive impact of telecommunication are also evident in the social aspect of our lives. With all the means of communicating, our social sphere are enlarging. We have friends anywhere in the globe. The increasing number of contacts also means that we are increasing in our knowledge and experience. Most significantly, the advancement of communication technology has made it easier for use to preserve our relationship. Human interaction is unlimited as it could be done by anybody, anywhere at anytime through means such as video conferencing and chatroom. Education wise, students are benefitting. Information are bountiful and easily available. The latest trend among students to communicate is through blogs. In blogs, students are exchanging ideas and notes on various subjects taught in schools. The culture of sharing knowledge among student is good as it provides divergent perspectives on an issue. Moreover, lectures-students communication are made easier through online lectures and tutorials. However,

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