Communication Technologie Essay

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Ever since the invention of electricity in the 19th Century, various of communication technologies based on electrical power emerged and have experienced a rapid and durable development, which have become diversiform and ubiquitous nowadays. Meanwhile, this period of time also witnessed rapid shifts in society. Therefore, the era of electrification also is the era of modernity. The positive correlation between communication technology and social progress is easily discovered, however, a wide debate focused on the controversy that which is the leading factor can be more acrimonious. On the one hand, the technological determinists (e.g. Ayres, 1952; Ogburn, 1922) argued that technology development drives the social change and cultural formation in a linear manner; on the other hand, the social constructivists (e.g. Pinch and Bijker, 1984;Green, 2001) contradicted that it is social context that shape communication technology. However, it is too naïve to simply follow the radical perspectives independently or attempt to seek out the one that is decisive, which may trap in the causality dilemma like the chicken-egg problem. A critical perspective that aware of the importance of both communication technology itself and its socio-cultural context is a more appropriate way to understand their relationship. This essay will develop a cyclical model that explicitly explains the interactive process of communication technologies and their socio-cultural context, the characteristic that co-dependence and co-production will be emphasized through specifically focused on the case study of television and virtual community. A Cyclical Model According to Barney (2004: 35), communication technologies and societies are not only mutually embedded, but also mutually influenced. That is to say, both of communication technology and society are not fixed entity, but actively interact.

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