Communication Systems Essay

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Communication Systems There are several good practices to follow to ensure effective communication within an organization. Some of those include investing in information technologies in order to experience with new formats of communication, repeating the message many times in different formats to keep the message fresh, and seeking to discuss the undiscussable (Judge, 2013). The following will explore three of the seven good practices to follow as well as the impact of technology on the communication system. Investing in information technologies account for 35% to 50% of all business capital investment in the United States (Judge, 2013). There are clear benefits to innovation and change in information technology, including productivity gains and assistance in organizational change. Successful information systems do six things for an organization in order to make it more capable to change: they provide comprehensive data on key processes, integrate data across departmental boundaries, monitor organizational abilities and performance, assist in goal setting and reward systems, provide information on customers and competitors, and make measurements visible throughout the organization (Judge, 2013). Improved informational technologies are a valuable resource for companies that help ensure success and create a framework for organizational change. Another important practice for effective communication is to repeat the message being communicated many times in many forms- all while keeping it “fresh” (Judge, 2013). This does not mean sending the same email or memo every day until no longer important. This means finding creative means to communicate the message in order to get through to all employees and keep the message on their “radar”. A good way of accomplishing this would be to first hold a meeting with a group of people to communicate the message.
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