Communication Style Essay

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Communication Style Case Study Communicating is an ongoing, complex, ever-changing process between two or more individuals to convey a message (Hansten & Jackson, 2009). Successful communication is essential in the health care field to ensure effective patient care. This paper will analyze the communication styles of three scenarios. Case Study One The first scenario demonstrates two communication styles. During a team meeting, registered nurse Robin utilized aggressive communication towards assistant Rashad. Robin’s verbal response to Rashad was hurtful, derogatory, and belittling rather than encouraging and supportive. Robin’s comments appear to represent her belief that she is superior to Rashad; therefore, she will be the one making the decisions. Rashad demonstrated passive behavior. Because he feared losing his job, he did not defend his position with an explanation of his job description or scope of practice. By avoiding the situation, Rashad chose the passive aggressive form of communication. Effective communication is a win-win between two people. Aggressive communication is not an effective form of communication because only one person is talking. Robin overpowered Rashad with verbal assault rather than encouraging ownership, involvement, and teamwork. Aggressive behavior does not encourage active listening because the person speaking is talking at the receiver, not talking to the receiver (Hansten & Jackson, 2009). The group witnessed a passive response by Rashad but had no idea that he was plotting a form of aggressive communication with Robin. Rashad internalized his emotions, planning a comeback toward Robin. He wants to teach her a lesson by making her workday difficult and time-consuming, so that she will realize how much she needs him. Rashad will do his job to the best of his ability, but only when asked. He will not go above
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