Communication Strategies to Engage a Variety of Stakeholders

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Communication strategies to engage a variety of stakeholders PEOPLE Introduction Enterprise Rent-A-Car is the UK’s leading car rental company. The company offers daily and weekend car rental for private and business use. It also offers replacement vehicles following an accident. Enterprise has over 370 locations throughout the UK and over 90% of the UK population are within 10 miles of an Enterprise branch. Enterprise in the UK is part of a multinational company with 8,200 rental offices in seven countries including the United States, Canada, Ireland, Germany, France and Spain. Branches are managed in a decentralised way. This means that managers make decisions at an individual branch level to suit the needs of its customers. • communicating the brand values and culture • informing customers or potential customers about the company and its services, for example, its unique pick-up service • communicating company news, procedures and processes to employees • creating awareness of the career opportunities available at Enterprise. This case study will demonstrate how Enterprise Rent-A-Car uses a variety of communication strategies to create brand awareness amongst key stakeholders and ensure operational excellence. The communication process The process of communication involves a sender transmitting information in an appropriate form to ensure the message is understood by the receiver. The sender must also consider potential ‘noise’ or barriers to the communication being received. Effective communication depends on: • clearly defining the objective of the message • taking account of the needs of the receiver • selecting the best medium and method for communication • being aware of how ‘noise’ can distort the message • ensuring opportunity for feedback is given to clarify understanding of the message. Founded in 1957, by entrepreneur Jack Taylor,

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