Communication Skills Assessment

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RUNNING head: COMMUNICATION SKILLS ASSESSMENT Communication Skills Assessment LaVoya S. Collins BUS600: Management Communications with Technology Tools Dr. Thomas Steinhagen 02/23/2013 I have always considered myself to have great communication skills in my professional dealings. Alternately, I have always considered myself to be lacking efficient skills in my personal life. To receive a more accurate account of my communication abilities I asked my mother assess the way I communicate personally, I used results from a recent performance review at work, and I utilized an online communication assessment tool. After careful review of the results from each of the above mentioned tactics, I believe I am a good communicator that has gaps to bridge before crossing over to being a great communicator. My mother gave me her honest opinion of my personal communication skills. I asked my mother the following three questions: Do you understand what I say when I speak?; What annoys you most about the way I communicate?; and finally, I asked my mother to rate her overall satisfaction with my communication skills on a scale of 1-5 (1 being least satisfied and 5 being most satisfied). Fortunately, my mother thinks I speak well and finds that she usually understands what I am communicating the first time around. She noted me as being articulate and says that I provide the right amount of information to needed for a thorough understanding to be arrived at. However, she said that it annoys her that I sometimes do not listen. She attributes my poor listening to my lack of patience and eagerness to formulate and articulate conclusions before I hear what she has to say. She believes that my tendency to “know it all” keeps me at a level three on her scale of communication satisfaction. A recent performance evaluation provided some great insight into my communication skills. I

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