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Communication Skills Introduction Communication skills are essential in everyday life from the day we are born until the end of our lives. Dickson et al., (1989 in Hargie et al., 1994) indicates that communication plays a vital role in everything. It seems communication can be simply used and defined. However, for communication to be effective there is a need to understand more deeply communication skills. It seems that whether it is a conversation with a friend or solving a problem in an organisation, communication could be more effective and beneficial if there is more knowledge of communication skills. This paper aims to reflect and analyse my communication skills and experience through an interview with a friend in order to find out her opinions towards organ donation and to what extent she agrees with the adoption of the opt-out system in the UK. Communication skills are the main aspect chosen for discussion in this paper. The first section of this assignment will provide a definition of organ donation. Secondly, it will describe the process of the interview with an interviewee about organ donation as well as her opinions towards this subject. The third section will analyse the communication skills that I have used during the interview. Then, finally I will bring this all together in the conclusion. Definition of organ donation Organ donation is one of the most controversial debates in society. The term organ donation is defined as a procedure of transplantation of an organ from a donor to an individual who is in need of it (www.organdonation.nhs).Although donating an organ can potentially save peoples lives; some may disagree with this opinion. Organ donation is a very sensitive issue that needs to be considered more seriously. There are different points of view to address the questions

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