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Communication Skills Brian Williams Interpersonal Communication Laticia Dezell January 21, 2013 The article is simply talking about communication skills between loved ones. However their bond is not as strong as they may think. A study suggested that spouses sometimes communicate with one another no better than strangers do. People believe that they communicate better with close friends than with complete strangers. People are very bias to the fact that they communicate with great closeness. Researchers took a survey on couples, in which they asked them to sit with their backs to each other. They had to figure out the meaning of phrases from one another. The communication between the spouses was not a great success. The researchers expected the spouses to understand each other better than strangers. The accuracy rate actually showed that the couples were statistically identical to the strangers. The result was alarming because researchers were confident that couples would be correct about how they understand each other’s vast communication. Some couples maybe on the same page, but not as much as they think. Couples get so caught up in being close to one another, and they stop taking the perspective of actually knowing one another like they should. The problem with communicating with friends and spouses is that we assume the insight of each other. Getting close to someone appears to create the assumption of understanding more than actually understanding each other’s perspective. I simply remember having this miscommunication with my girlfriend about picking up our daughter from high school basketball practice one evening. I am always the one who picks our kid up faithfully from practice every day. This certain Thursday I had to work late due to a project that was due to our owner of the company. I told my baby to pick up our daughter at 7:00pm due to having

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