Communication Skills Essay

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Communication is a vast area promoting effective interaction, the main aspects are verbal and non verbal, and is a two way process like sharing. Verbal may work well for some people non verbal communication is used by people with verbal difficulties; both are used as an accompaniment of each other. We need to use verbal and non verbal communication to assess, convey information and to help with the emotional needs of both our patients and their families. Also to provide effective communication we need to be aware of and understand our own self which is self awareness the process of getting to know ourselves better, with awareness we choose; without it we are not even aware of the choices we have made. Being able to understand one's own behavior, enables us to help other's to identify difficulties, and to apply principle's of human relations to the problems that arise at all levels of experience. Non verbal communication has many aspects including touch, facial expression, appearance, the use of space and body language. Many messages are conveyed by non verbal communication such as emotion, anger, sadness, happiness, needs and desires. Non verbal behavior varies from person to person and between cultures. Non verbal behavior is cultural and contextually bound actions that are commonplace for some cultures may be totally unacceptable to others. Differences in communication between cultures by saying "in Japan it is not acceptable to display negative facial expressions at all. French people are very open to touch, kissing each other when meeting while the British are very reserved and this act of non verbal communication is only used with intimate relationships like their family members. Furthermore the differences in culture indicate that there are rules about when it is appropriate to express emotions, so that differences occur between cultures about the

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