Communication Skill Essay

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7) How important is communication in this case ?what should Mr. Shankar do to improve the quality of communication in a distribution centre ? Ans- Communication is important because it lets the other person know what you are feeling. If we do not communicate with each other we would not know what ideas or thoughts are going through each other. Effective communication is important to insure that a project or task is done right and accurately. Communication helps groups and society understand each other well. Without communication you would have no team and without a team you would have no organization. It is Plays a Key Role in understanding each other. Mr Shankar should make a effort to improve the communication in the organization be appointing the right person for the right job. Which would help them resolve issues properly and quickly. Eg : In the case, the supervisor should have taken preventive measure about the repeated dispute between the employees for various reasons which was a usual thing in the organization . Measure which Shankar should take are as follows- * Training: Training should be provided for the supervisors and managers . So that they understand their role and importance in the organization. * Company policy should be revised: In the case of Music the number of days for a particular music can be decided upon the ratio of people/employees interested in listening to it. * Distribution of work among the employee should be done keeping the final outcome in mind. * Targets should be set. * Strict disciplinary policy should be followed * Monitoring of supervisors and managers on a regular base so that they are always on their toes. * Motivation:if the communication is carried out encouraging the workers and workers are sufficiently encouraged, the work gets completed easily, proficiently and the workers will

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