Communication Skill Essay

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Comprehension Message should be simplify the whole idea. should always be short and concise. Bring out the message main idea by summarize the whole long passage. Point out the important information to let receiver get it immediately. Message should be short and straight to the point. Repetition are useful to let receiver receive the correct message by repeat the same information again. Message should be simple and do not go too much details. Connection Message that bring out must be relevant to the receiver. If a message unable to connect to receiver, .the message will fail to have an impact. Connect means the message should be evoke emotion of receiver such as excitement, joy, passion and others. The message consider successful when the receiver eager to know more or ask more than that. Credibility To convince the receiver believe the message are trustable or truth. Share as much as possible own experience are more convincing. This give your message more supportive points such as if want to persuade boss buy new equipment be prepare to show with facts and figures exactly how the procedure , improve quality or customer satisfaction, make the job safer, or whatever the benefit may be. Contagiousness Be creative and interesting to attract your receiver attention. For a message to be contagious, it should be energetic, different, relevant and talkable. Try to make the message memorable by adding music,emotional.” Contagious is helping companies like Coke set our strategic and creative vision, and reframe our benchmarking. Jonathan Mildenhall, SVP, Integrated Marketing Content and Design Excellence, The Coca-Cola Company Explain politics of business in terms of the reasons for office politic. * Worker who pretend hardworking but doing nothing Employee who are only present in daily office and pretend busy infront of manager or supervisor. This

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