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End of Lesson Questions Instruction: ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS CORRECTLY 1. Determine three other Alloys apart from those in your notes and give examples of their uses 2. Explain with diagrams why alloys are harder and stronger than pure metals 3. The table below gives the density, M.P. and electrical conductivity of some metals Based on the data provided in the table below and your knowledge of the reactivity series, answer the following questions: a. Which metal would you choose to make coins? b. Which metal would you use to make the bodies of the train carriages? c. Which metal would you use to make electric wires? |Metal |Density/gcm-3 |Melting Point |Electrical Conductivity | |Al |2.70 |660 |Good | |Fe |7.86 |1535 |Good | |Mg |1.74 |650 |Good | |Cu |8.92 |1083 |Very Good | 4. The table below shows the displacement reactions of some metals with the aqueous solutions of their salts a. Complete the table below b. Write a worded equation for any one reaction |Metal ion solution |Iron (III) nitrate |Magnesium nitrate |Copper (II) sulphate |Zinc sulphate |Lead (II) nitrate | |Metal | | |

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